Style + Approach.

I photograph “love” a lot (like… a lot) so my definition of it is important because it inevitably impacts on the images I produce.

I’m not gonna pretend my work is for everyone. It really isn’t. But the people I work with + I share the same ethos. To us… “love” is laughing till you snort at yourselves. It’s vedging out on the sofa together on a Friday night, watching Netflix + not wanting to be anywhere else in the world. Humans are designed to communicate, socialise + engage with other humans so it’s inevitable we feel a connection to portraits of people where we can sense a genuine energy or element of their characteristics. I create images that my couples, families + friends connect with – beyond simply creating a visually ‘pretty’ photograph.

To me, choosing to spend your life with another human being isn’t a unicorn, crapping heart shaped confetti glitter, over a perfect double rainbow (although it would be kinda awesome). Instead, I choose to focus on a raw, genuine + less posey side of relationships. I mean… you *might* pose romantically together all the time (you lie) but I rather understand your little ‘in’ jokes + get to know you guys on a real level than just brute force a bunch of cliche poses for the sake of convenience + tradition. My work avoids anything stylized, glazed over, or artificially sweetened. It’s not driven by themes, it doesn’t try to be ”vintage”, quirky or feature the latest fad. It is what it is. You being you.

I work with a limited number of couples every year so I can focus on a small group of people in a way that allows me to take the time to get to know you guys better + create genuine portraits, full of life, character + organic expression.

You can’t pose laughter.