Unposed, Real + Fun Wedding Photography

50 Fun Wedding Photos

This is a compilation of fun wedding photos from the last few years. “Fun” is a loose term I give to images that make me laugh along with the people in the photo or laugh at the story behind it. For me (personally) – I get the most creative fulfilment from shooting images that have an ‘energy’ to them. I don’t get particularly excited about photos that are just “pretty” – I like to shoot images that tell a story or really exaggerate an element of a persons personality. I shoot wide angle almost exclusively which forces me to be involved in the day rather than perving on it from the other side of the room.

Here are some photos for you to look at instead of doing whatever you should be doing.

1. “No alcohol on the bus”

fun wedding photography

2. Flowers to the face.

pink bridesmaids dresses

3. Dance, dress, dance

london wedding photography

4. The horns

tattooed bride

5. Maria laughing at Liam

wedding photographers fun

6. My brides love me

london fields brewery wedding

7. Minesweeping level 99

candid wedding photographers

8. I would actually hire her as my flower girl

swancar farm wedding

9. The traditional pre-wedding nose hair plucking

london wedding photographers

10. Helium is wondrous.

wedding photographers london

11. Average wedding bar scene

wedding photographers in brighton

12. You weren’t planning on gardening on your wedding day?!

brighton wedding photographer

14. You know he’s about to slap his leg + leave early.

reportage wedding photographer


how to book your wedding photographer

16. My bride bought me Jager straight after getting married. Ideal.

recommended wedding photographers

17. The guest who forgot to buy a card + present…

story telling wedding photographer

18. But first…

50 fun wedding photos

19. “Ooooooh”

wedding photo ideas

20. Emma enjoyed the dancefloor

messy dress wedding

30. I can’t remember what’s happening here but I like it.

two piece bridesmaid dresses

31. Silly posed photos? No. Outtakes whilst groomsmen attempt silly photos? Yes.

funny wedding photos

32. Emma + James stuffing their faces with canapés.

wedding day schedule ideas

33. Friday feels

best wedding photographers

34. Anna picking Mike’s nose because bogies

wedding photographers not posed

35. Literally just wants to eat her orange + chill.

wedding planning guide

36. Rach wins at creative facial expressions

wedding photographer guide

37. Hales with her favourite tattoo

tattoo wedding idea

38. He handles this so well. Proper keeps his drink upright + smiles whilst being penetrated by a cactus

syon park wedding

39. Gin + tape

wedding photography advice

40. Ollie throws cut grass up in the air because chaos.

unposed wedding photographers

41. If you can’t blow your own trumpet then are you even a bridesmaid?

funny wedding photos

42. You know when you try to balance your bouquet on your husbands head?

pink hair bride

43. Not particularly keen on it 

fun wedding photographers

44. Serious selfie game

reportage wedding photographers

45. Dave (the groom) plays with his band at his own wedding

wedding entertainment ideas

46. What is on that piece of paper?!

brighton wedding photographer

47. These guys literally just grabbed two random dogs off the street for a photo

dogs at weddings

48. Straight through the heart.

wedding photography planning guide

49. Fun Vs Security.

fun wedding photographers

50. Hide + seek + gin + tonic

relaxed wedding ideas


Do you want fun, unposed + real photographs for your wedding?

If you want fun photos of you, your friends + your family causing chaos on your wedding day – I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about your plans for your wedding + check availability now!

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Fay + Chris

Asylum + London Pub Wedding.

I love a good Asylum wedding. The venue – not the mental institution…obviously.

Fay + Chris have genuinely looked *this* ecstatic about life each time that i’ve met them. I was worried that they might smile-combust during the wedding.

They didn’t smile-combust, though. ain’t nobody ready for two new experiences like that in one day.


Chris Barber is a brilliant guy and took the most awesome photos. Chris stayed with us all day and captured some blinding moments; it was so much fun looking through all the photos!”

Fay + Chris


asylum wedding

get married you cunt

london wedding kilts

the asylum wedding

asylum wedding photos

black and white wedding photographer london

the asylum peckham wedding

winter wedding bridesmaids dresses

pub wedding london

wedding photographers in london

vintage pub wedding in london

pub wedding in london


London Venue:

London Pub Wedding Venue: The Peasant 


Wedding Band: 

Wedding Videographer: 

Make Up Artist: 





Wasn’t that nice?

I love laid back London weddings. If you would like to see more photos from this wedding or would like to check availability for your wedding date, you can email me directly here or use the contact page

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Chris Barber Photography – Best of 2016

London Wedding Photographers.

thank you class of 2016 for letting me be around doing this thing i do.

2017, i’m ready for you. let’s laugh… a lot.

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