Dewsall court wedding

Amie + Jam’s laid-back Dewsall Court wedding began with the guys playing pool whilst the girls were just upstairs getting ready. There were these amazing requests between the two floors, like when I had to go upstairs to ask the girls for nail clippers. “Why?” the girls asked…apparently Jam wanted to do his nails but it turned out they were also used to cut some loose thread from the men’s suit crotches.

The ceremony was beautifully decorated with Botanics throughout the glass barn as we went out for portraits. Before long, the real party got started as Deckheds blasted out some killer non-cheese nostalgia which became the soundtrack for beer pong whilst other guests sat around campfires + ate under the stars.

My favourite kinds of weddings are the ones when you can just take pictures whilst minesweeping the tables with my couple…hence I have earned the title of “Minesweeping Legend” haha.

I am also super proud to one of Dewsall Court’s officially recommended wedding suppliers. I absolutely loved this place + would love the chance to come back + make awesome photos.