Wanna Know The 

One Simple Trick To Getting

Natural Wedding Photos?

Wanna Know The Best Way To Get Natural Wedding Photos?

Duh! It's An Engagement Session.

...A Whatment What What?

An engagement session (/pre-wedding shoot, couples shoot etc - all the same thing!) is a chance for you to see how I work + get to know each other a little more before the wedding.

This takes away all of the weird photo awkwardness whilst getting some awesome photos of you both... because drunken selfies from 5 years ago aren't portraits. 

london pre-wedding photographers

Da FAQ?!

We're kinda camera shy...?

I get it. I hate having my photo taken too. Most people do. It’s my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible. One of the main reliefs for couples to know before the shoot is that you’re not expected to do *anything* but be yourselves.

I want to capture honest portraits of you guys that reflect your personalities + relationship. I’m not interested in photographing you guys posing romantically on a bridge if that’s not something you do outside of this shoot.

We can’t think of a location?!

Fear not! You’re more than welcome to leave it with me. Sometimes couples have a “sort of” area in mind - which is perfect. I don’t need you guys to hit me up with a list of *exact* locations (ie... 24 High St... near the bins...with a cat)

So what should we expect?

I like to take my time with these shoots + get to know you guys as best as possible. All I ask in return is that you don’t “hold back”. I’ll be asking you a bunch of questions throughout the shoot + photographing your reactions to the general conversation. We’ll be walking around the location you’ve chosen, playing games + generally hanging out. I’ll occasionally instruct you to “go stand over there” or some light pose direction (nothing cheesy!) but it’s honestly just about connecting with each other whilst getting some new photos + seeing how I’ll approach shooting your wedding.

"But...I am the real life Chandler Bing"

High five! Me too! Actually... I think every couple I've ever worked with has some kind of low (or high?) level of photo anxiety. The good news is that I...

A) Can totally relate.

B) Have spent 13 years photographing people who will literally start hyperventilating when I pull a camera out.

C) I'm not here to judge you or take your soul.

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Wherever you like! Some couples choose a location that means something to them, some prefer to shoot at home, or some just want to make a day out of it here in sunny Brighton, UK.


Wherever you like! Some couples choose a location that means something to them, some prefer to shoot at home, or some just want to make a day out of it here in sunny Brighton, UK.


£350 includes a hour shoot at the location of your choice + all your high resolution images on USB with an online gallery.


Limited offer.

Grab £50 to spend on awesome prints + products from your online gallery when you book your engagement session today.

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We're both super awkward whenever someone points a camera in our face so we wanted to get an idea of how Chris works before the wedding. Everything was so relaxed and fun. We barely noticed there was a "photoshoot" happening.

Chop + Hales

fun wedding photography

This was SUCH an unexpectedly fun part of the wedding planning process! Through the craziness of wedding planning - it was really nice to reconnect and laugh so hard together. Chris has this crazy talent for making you feel comfortable and we were just as grateful for the experience as the wonderful photos.

Jess + Jay

pre-wedding photographer london

We'd been living in London for 3 years and we'd never had any photos taken in the place we absolutely love. Chris captured us laughing, joking and just being ourselves in our favourite place ever. We'll value these photos forever.

Hannah + Picky


Hi! I'm Chris 

I was on the apprentice once. I didn’t win. But I didn’t get fired, either.

The quickest way to my heart is with Freddo bars. I love those little guys…..also, whiskey. Or whiskey flavoured Freddos (invent them, dammit!)

My favourite person to laugh at is myself … or in my sleep… or when it’s least appropriate.

I can’t do the small talk. I prefer to just get weird quite quick.

I make lists for lists. Even this is a list.

My Uber score is 4.6 which is distinctly average. I like to think 4.6 of my personality is pretty solid but there’s a pretty wild 0.4 side of me.

Quite a lot of things frustrate me. Mainly people who just stop. walking. for. no. reason.

I get too attached to browser tabs.

I still own my entire Pokemon card collection.

I have the taste palette of a 5 year old with severe mouth burns. My favourite food is curry. Curry that is way too spicy. I like food that causes me pain. I don’t know what that says about me as a person.

I wake up. I immediately make plans for dinner.

Fun. Unposed. Authentic.

Fun. Unposed. Authentic.


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