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Rio De Janeiro Wedding

Mariana + Leo’s Elopement in Rio was the type of photography-brief that dreams are made of. Traveling the world with my camera is one of my favourite things to do when I’m not legally obligated to stay at home. I’m not a total stranger to Rio or Brazil. I’d been to Brazil twice when I first got Mariana’s email. It slowly dawned on me that I’d get to visit Brazil TWICE in 2020 before March was over. I’d spent 2 months in Belo Horizonte visiting Alline’s family over Christmas + then had just a week or two back in the UK before heading back to Brazil for a second time – this time to photograph Mariana + Leo’s elopement.

I love Mariana + Leo’s story. In Mariana’s words “he showed me some goofy magic tricks at his house party and my heart was won. He just got me. And I got him.”

How cute is that?! They were engaged 6 months after the first meeting + married within 10 months. These guys aren’t here to mess about, they literally define the whole “when you know, you know” thang.

This was my first time riding solo in Rio. I spent the week soaking up the sun, sea + the post-carnival atmosphere, whilst hanging out with Mariana + Leo. Inspired by Mario Testino’s take on Rio de Janeiro, we found awesome secluded parts of otherwise busy beaches, sneaked around the luscious landscapes in the botanical gardens + hung out by the pool in Santa Teresa, which overlooked Sugarloaf + the rest of Rio. As the sun set on our final day of shooting, a beautiful red moon rose from the sea before M+L called “wrap” by jumping in the pool. I’m so grateful for this whole experience + I can’t wait to adventure again once all the Corona-crazy is over with. Stay safe!

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