Amy + Chris – The Asylum, Peckham

Amy + Chris had an Asylum wedding in London. i like weddings that don’t really feel like weddings. like… i turn up + it’s just some girls getting ready. i pretend to understand shoes + dresses + make up + then i pretend not to die from hair spray inhalation. then we all go to this really cool place called the asylum, which sounds like a safe place i belong but it’s actually an awesome venue that has nothing to do with the treatment of mental illness (bonus). amy + chris say a few nice things to each other + then the magic registrar person waves a metaphorical wand + “TA DA!” they’re all married + stuff so we can continue with our lives. “continuing with our lives” is basically another way of saying “we go to get drunk + eat food”. so then we eat food, get drunk + then everyone sings oasis till the early hours.

it’s kinda strange but i love being part of it but not constructing, directing or even encouraging any part of it. i just get to be there with a camera for a face, being a professional ‘blender’.

“We love our wedding pics, there really are some great ones in there… And the gallery and USB you’ve provided has helped us relive the day over and over again! Thank you for being so easily available and easy to communicate with. Everyone was amazed at how busy you were and how you were everywhere on the day. Thank you again.”

Amy + Chris

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