Wedding Information

This page is about Your wedding information. Thanks for taking the time to fill in this form. It looks big + scary but it’s all important information that will really help me to photograph your day as smoothly as possible. This form must be submitted no later than 3 weeks before the wedding date.

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General details


Group photographs

Use this form to state the exact group photos you’d like us to shoot. Please don’t leave anyone out that you would like a photo with (regardless of whether you want the photo to be casual or set up).

Extra Barber points if you specify each persons name + their relation to you.

It’s super important that you give this list to someone (or a group of people) who are authoritative + know your friends/family quite well to help us round the necessary groups up so we can fly through them as quickly as possible. Obviously it’s difficult for me to identify guests without ever meeting them before the wedding so I really rely on this person/group to help. If you could let me know the name(s) of who’ll be helping + ask them to introduce themselves to me immediately after the ceremony - that’d be great.

It’s also worth pointing out that each new group photo (IE - not a slight variation of a previous shot) averages 3-4 minutes per photo (trust me on this). So if you want 10 different group photos - please ensure there’s a solid 40 minute block available in your schedule for group photos (plus up to 30 minutes for couple portraits) before you sit down for your meal. Most couples choose about 5-6 different group shots (with a few slight variations thrown in). Finally - please ensure that everyone in your photos is aware they’ll be needed for group photographs so that they don’t disappear (occasionally some guests will use the cocktail hour to check in etc which can delay things the group photos).


Vendors + suppliers love seeing pictures + how their creative input fitted into the day so this little list helps me to get in touch with relevant people + easily fire over photographs to them after the wedding which saves you lots of time dealing with suppliers post-wedding. Please provide the business name or an email address. Feel free to add/ignore any parts of this form as appropriate.