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An Alternative Wiltons Music Hall Wedding in London

I absolutely loved this Wiltons Music Hall Wedding. Layla + Al bunked off work one Summers afternoon + joined me for a pint in a London beer garden. We got chatting about their story, friends + family to watch out for + their plans to make the wedding unlike any of the others they’d been to. 

“Not shabby chic” was one of the criteria that made me laugh the most seen as it honestly did seem like that trend would never actually die. Although we can all agree that the cupcakes were fun while they lasted.

I was super intrigued by how they’d pull together all the elements they were discussing. Layla + Al were planning a super relaxed wedding in the most unsuspecting unique wedding venues in London. 

The day started in room 2007. The same year as Crank That by Soulja Boy + Umbrella by Rihanna are topping the charts… I presume that’s why Layla chose it but I didn’t bother to fact check so I guess it’ll forever remain a mystery. Her room looked over the clear skies of London + a little piece of hotel artwork read “One day I’ll be ready”. 

I popped open some bottles of Prosecco …because I like to be useful + not because I like to get the party started before the ceremony. Obvs. I made the classic mistake of getting an Uber to Wilton’s in London traffic when it’s only a 5-minute walk + was greeted by one of the most dapper Grooms I had ever seen…. It was Al, obviously. It would’ve been so weird if I had seen another groom during my cab ride + he just so happened to be dressed even better than Al. 

What’s wrong with you?

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Wiltons Music Hall 

Dress: Miss Kay Seamstress 

Grooms suit: Thomas Farthing 

Accessories: Layla Halo – Etsy 

Caterers: The Gatherers 

Cake: The Gatherers 

Florist: Nooshie Nodeh Farahani 

Make up artist: Louise Lerego 

Quirky + Unusual London Venues

Disappointingly, Layla ignored my recommendation to slide down the sloped aisle on her knees but I didn’t feel like it was right to intervene or complain during the ceremony. Layla + Al chose a wonderfully charismatic family member to conduct the ceremony which felt so much more personal than a total stranger dictating legal obligations + churning out the usual registrar one-liners. Ceremonies by “official” local-government-approved-registrars can sometimes feel like I’m watching Theresa May headlining One Night at The Apollo. In the interest of balance… I’ve seen people react to best man speeches off Google in the same way as you’d react to Gordon Brown performing in a strip club. This is all besides the point…

Wilton's Music Hall Wedding Ideas

With the ceremony completed without any politicians getting naked, the party got started. It kicked off by everyone throwing tiny bits of paper at Layla + Al before quickly escalating into attacking a tower of pastry puffs with a giant friggin’ sword. I caught up with Al + pals as they indulged in everyone’s favourite wedding hobby: sucking limes + licking salt from their hand.

Friends + family ripped through the entire geometric spectrum of shapes on the dance floor as pizza drooled from their mouths. At that point – it seemed like the ideal time to give every a stick of fire to wave around whilst Layla + Al made a dash for the exit.

wiltons music hall


“The photos are unreal, we love them, they captured the essence and emotion of our wedding perfectly and I feel like we relive the day every time we scroll back through them again

The candid natural photos of our loved ones are so special to us that we will cherish them forever

Thank you so fucking much, you’re a wonderful talented person and you did a banging job, you felt like you were part of the party and we loved having you part of it all

You’re wonderful”



Planning your Wiltons Music Hall wedding?

In case you can’t tell… I love Wilton’s Music Hall weddings. I think my fun wedding photography approach suits the alternative vibe of Wilton’s Music Hall. I’d also really like an excuse to come back again soon so hit me up if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who knows all the best nooks + crannies of the venue. 

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