Sarah + Sam | Wilton’s Music Hall Wedding, London

Have you ever been to a Wilton’s Music Hall, London wedding?

it’s such a gem! you walk around this neighborhood + you’re all like “dude there’s nothing here”…then there’s one cute little alleyway + you’re like “oh that’s nice… I’ll do some walking in that particular space”. then there’s a door. it’s a fancy door. the kind of door that Instagram really likes. but behind that door is THIS SECRET WHOLE OTHER WORLD.

Wilton’s Music Hall is grand …but it creeps up on you out of nowhere. One minute you’re strolling past the offies, mechanics + takeaways of the East End + then you stumble into a romantic little alleyway. Hidden behind a charming worn-down door (note: not “shabby chic”) …is the oldest grand music hall in the world. Wilton’s Music Hall isn’t just a wedding venue Goliath. First + foremost… it’s still a fully functioning home of the arts. Opera, musicals, concerts, + theatre productions still go down here on the regular. Weddings at Wilton’s Music Hall keep guests intrigued (lost) + captivated with a sprawling network of seemingly previously undiscovered side rooms + glimpses into the hall’s history. Beautifully crafted cast-iron pillars support a wooden floor that satisfyingly creeks + slopes into the stage area whilst the bare wooden beams, exposed brickwork + crumbling plasterwork all come together to create a photographer’s texture-based wet dream.

You know what? I’m gonna let you see inside it because I’m nice to you. But first… here’s a flower girl eating wotsits because giving shits is overrated when you’re already bossing your role with cray cray shades

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Bridal Separates Catherine Deane + Gemy Maalouf 

Bridal Shoes Jimmy Choo

Venue Wilton’s Music Hall

Catering Easy Gourmet Catering

Cake Konditor & Cook

Florist Augustus Bloom

Entertainment New York Brass Band

Bridesmaid Dresses ASOS

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