fun wedding photography

Fun Wedding Photography

Want more pictures to put in your eyes? Ok then.

Although I mainly cover London weddings, I also dig photographing barn weddings, same sex weddings, and relaxed weddings throughout the UK and worldwide. This page is a sample of my work from over the last 10 years. You can also hit up this link for Laura + Harry’s beautiful Italy wedding to see all the images from a wedding.

Every wedding I shoot is different. I want your images to reflect the genuine personalities of you, your friends + family on one of the most awesome days of your life. I say “one of the most awesome” because nothing could beat the day you first farted in front of each other…obviously.

Anyway…with that in mind, I only work with a limited number of couples each year because I like to spread my creative juices equally. If you would like some of this finite creative juice to be squelched over your wedding, you should interrupt my thumb twiddling life with a message to check availability, grab a brochure or request party tricks.

Maybe you’re not ready for that level of commitment + you just wanna creep around a bit more. Thankfully for the Internet, I attempt to use social media. You can continue your creepiness over on Instagram, Facebook or Myspace.

Fun Wedding Photographers

“Chris, our photographer was utterly amazing. He arranged an ‘engagement shoot’ a few weeks before the wedding. Kel was particularly sceptical about seeing himself on camera, its not really natural for either of us so we were pretty nervous. But the session was so much fun, Chris put us at complete ease and it meant we knew him when we saw him on the day and he knew a bit about us and what we wanted. He captured the most beautiful photos.”

Kath + Kel – A London Fields Brewery Wedding

Destination Wedding Photographers

“Browsing through lists of high end French wedding photographers left me nothing but frustrated…I had already seen hundreds of beautiful pictures but not one of them was really personal and true! Up until I decided to look a little further and spotted Chris’ work on Rock My Wedding. It was “un vrai coup de coeur”. So even before having found the venue, caterer or a dress, Jeff and I arranged for a skype call with Chris in order to talk details. We got along just perfectly, things were uncomplicated, fun and I knew, there was no way another photographer was given the job. If I had to describe Chris’ pictures in only a few words, I’d say they capture the moment. Every time we look at them, we can see that people were having an awesome time that day, they laughed, and cried and danced and celebrated. We wanted to remember every second of this incredibly beautiful day. Even though we couldn’t be in different places at the same time, we didn’t want to miss any second of happiness …or drunken shenanigans for that matter. And Chris did it – he rocked (and still rocks)!”

Anne + Jeff – Wedding in Nice, France

Curradine Barns Wedding

“Chris’ work is unique to him, recognisable, full of personality (both his and who he’s capturing), creative and very inspiring. So it just had to be Chris to capture our day, truly safe in the knowledge that when we’re old and grey, I’ll still be looking at his images loving the work he produced and honoured that we have him there with us! And mannn did he nail it!

Every image captured exactly what we wanted, and more. Having a photographer you trust, for me, is absolutely key. Someone you know that won’t just take some nice looking photos, but will also capture how you felt on the day, the moments as you experienced them. Be able to get across your personality, especially if you’re a tad socially awkward like us pair are! We have cringed a lot looking at posed photos, but Chris just has a knack of making you feel comfortable, even when it’s time for something a little more ‘posed’. Then when it’s time for natural, he captures the real magic. For a geek like me, seeing Chris work, and being part of the end results has been a genuine dream, couldn’t have been happier with that!”

Emma + James, Curradine Barns Wedding

Wedding Photographs in Brighton

“The first thing I looked into when starting planning was wedding photography. I used to work part time for a wedding photographer when I was at college so I had an idea of what I was looking for (i.e. I was bloomin’ picky!). Mainly I wanted someone who would feel like a guest to us and that would deliver naturallooking shots and capture the mood of the day, without staging endless group shots or cheesysmile portraits. Chris Barber’s work stood out very early on as being fun, natural and creative. We met up with him for an informal chat in the pub and knew right then that he was our guy.

Our engagement shoot (which we’d recommend doing, just to get used to having a camera trained on you ahead of your big day) felt like we were mates just goofing around in Digbeth. On the day, Chris and his assistant were topnotch, striking a perfect balance between idle banter to put us at ease, and professional direction that made us sure we were in safe hands. We knew before we saw the photos that they’d be amazing, but they exceeded all expectations. Returning from honeymoon to a set of 730 Barberpieces was like reliving every moment of the day, in multimegapixel HD. Every time I see them I smile. I wouldn’t change our pictures for the world.”

Ellen + Ollie, Kelmarsh Hall

Outdoor Wedding Photographers

“We chose Chris because when we were looking for photographers, his photos were the only ones that made us laugh out loud. That was really important – his photos make everything look fun, but are also beautiful at the same time. He didn’t disappoint – both our engagement shoot and wedding photos communicate perfectly the fun and light-hearted elements we wanted to show. And Chris is such a professional all the way through – he’s happy, upbeat and organized.

On the day of the wedding you hardly noticed he was there (in a good way) – we’ve been to some weddings where the photographers are short-tempered and militant in ordering people around, but Chris was cool, calm and relaxed the whole time.”

Lulu + Ben, Woodland Weddings

Natural Wedding Photographers

“On the good advice of many trusted sources, including RMW, our photographer, Chris Barber, was the first booking we made after deciding the date. This was one of the easiest choices we made: We knew quite quickly that we didn’t want anything arty or important and Chris’s work stood out as bold, unpretentious, lively and, most importantly, fun. He was a joy to have around on the day and we are so happy with the results. WE LOVED BEING BARBERISED!”

Tabitha + Spencer