I like to keep things simple. 

Every wedding I shoot includes a pre-wedding consultation where we’ll chat about all your plans so far. It’s a chance to go through timings + to choose which group photos you might want so that everything runs easier than Lionel Richie on Sunday morning.

10 hours of me being your photo hoe (phot-hoe, if you wish) on the wedding day, which usually covers from preparations to till just after the first dance. Extra hours are available if you just can’t get enough Barber juice.

Around 500 edited images delivered on a USB. All images are un-watermarked (no logos…or watermarks, for that matter) + a license to print however you wish. Perfect for making that custom apron.

A grandparent-friendly online gallery to spam your photos with your friends + family.


(Includes irresistible £1 discount)

Juicy Add-Ons

 not from concentrate

Engagement Sessions

An engagement session is just a chance for you to experience how I work + for us to get to know each other a little more before the wedding day. They’re great if you usually dissolve when a camera is pointed at your face. By the end of the session, you will basically be David Gandy + Kate Moss*

*100% not guaranteed.

From £450


Before the wedding, I jump in my little cloning box + a second Chris Barber appears within a matter of minutes. Barber clones serve all kinds of neat purposes like taking loads more candid photos of your friends + family.

*A second photographer will look nothing like Chris Barber but will have a similar set of particular skills.

From £500


Albums are a bit like iPads that are made of paper. They don’t get boring like normal books because they don’t have any words. I make albums that won’t make your mates + family yawn or groan every time you bust it out. There’s no scratch + sniff or pop-up books but they do preserve your memories forever. Like a brain but better because albums don’t die unless you set them on fire.

From £550

Pricing for London Wedding Photographer

What’s the deal with expenses?

I insist on flying in a private Concorde, especially if the wedding is local. Despite that, travel expenses are calculated at a rate of just 60p per mile from Southampton. The first 40 miles are included, which is what really makes getting married worthwhile.

Weddings over an hour from Southampton incur a pesky flat rate charge of £100 so that I can get a hotel for the night before + the night of the wedding. It means that I can minimize the risk of alien abduction prior to the wedding (+ not getting stuck on trains or in traffic)

Is VAT included? Will I get stung?

I’ve just had a quick chat with the VAT bumble bee + he says that he has literally no idea what VAT is but he promises he won’t sting you.

He seemed alright. I’d trust him.

So do we book you via Teletext, or what?

I’d prefer this to work via dark web Ceefax but it’s probably easier to firstly get in touch to check availability by email (or by using the oh-so-convenient) form here.

Once we have confirmed that we are all real human beings, I’ll send you a booking form. You can secure your wedding date with a £1000 deposit so that it feels less insecure + no other pesky couples can pinch yo’ date.

How do we plop an add-on to our package?

This is a very technical + complex process so please bear with me whilst I try to explain this in a way that a wedding novice (like yourself) can understand.

You email me + let me know.

That’s sort of it, actually. There probably should be some official smart way to do it but there isn’t. You can write me a letter about it if you want?


When should we book a photographer?

I pride myself on focusing on a small number of weddings each year so that I can build genuine connections with my couples in a way that allows me to provide a laid-back approach to photographing your wedding which gives your friends + family the space to be themselves in front of camera.

I only accept a limited number of wedding commissions per year so that I can personally work with my couples as a human being + not like a burnt out robot. 

As always, it’s important to book suppliers as early as possible to
avoid life-altering disappointment etc.