Some questions that are asked on the frequ…

Where are you based/Do you travel?

I live in Brighton but work throughout the UK + internationally. I genuinely love to travel all over the place for weddings because it gets me out of the house. What I’m saying is – I’ll shoot your wedding, wherever it is, as long as it’s not in my house.

We’re not huge fans of having our photo taken / “I am the real life Chandler Bing”

I don’t think I’ve come across a couple who have ever said “heck yes! We love having our photo taken!” But all our couples just enjoy just hanging out + they’re not afraid to make fools of themselves. The way I work is probably a lot different to what you imagine. A lot of our portrait work isn’t posed, it’s simply us interacting with you + shooting whatever happens during that time.

We love your work but we don’t really consider ourselves as pretty “crazy people?!”

There’s a misconception by a lot of people that our work is only for super extrovert, camera confident couples that have super quirky weddings. I think that’s down to how comfortable + natural our couples seem in the pictures on our website + blog. Most of our couples aren’t super confident + “crazy”, in fact, a lot of them are introverts + tell us that they genuinely HATE having their picture taken but it really doesn’t show in any of the images. Most introverts I know are only shy at first + eventually open once they feel comfortable around people. I natural expressions by genuinely getting to know every couple I shoot so it has nothing to do with you + a lot more to do with me. The images you see are who they are as a couple. I’d never dream of asking a couple to do something that wasn’t an accurate representation of who they are. Quite often, these things happen naturally as a result of interacting with you as a normal human person – not a “client”

What is an engagement session? Is it infectious?

At some stage before the wedding (usually 2 months before) we’ll meet up to go through details of the wedding (your pre-wedding consultation) + then we’ll go out + grab some photos of the two of you. It basically exists so that I can get to know you guys better before the wedding + take out some of the awkwardness that *everyone* has about having their photo taken. I want to show you guys how I work + give you an idea of what to expect on the wedding day. The photos that come out of it are a bi-product of that time + definitely not the overall objective. That said – you’ll be able to view the images in a little gallery, not long after the shoot + you’re welcome to order a couple if you’re only photos till this point were drunken selfies *shamefully holds up both hands*

What if it rains/snows/volcano erupts on us?

We live in a country which is blessed with a mixture of amazing weather regardless of season, which is not-so-fun on your wedding day, right? Good news is that we’re more than ready to deal with all the elements + have plenty of experience of getting amazing photos regardless of the weather… excluding volcanos.

What is it about you + Freddos?

Well duh. it’s chocolate… in the shape of a frog?!?! A. CHOCOLATE. FROG. Also… I’ve loved them for as long as I could remember (+ my pocket money could actually afford them…)

How many images do you shoot per wedding?

I shoot around 2000 images per wedding. We’ll always shoot multiple frames of each image to avoid blinkers (you know who you are!) + focus issues. We then save you a lot of the hard work by picking the best of the bunch. This is usually around 400 images, but it totally varies from wedding to wedding.

Do you back everything up?

ERR YEAH! I actually wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t have your images backed up. The entire raw selection (before they are narrowed down) are imported + backed up onto a separate hard drive. The final selection of images is also backed up to DVD + to an external hard drive which is then stored off site (incase of fire/act of god/my printer breaks + I start smashing things up)

Are you insured?

Yeah, man. I don’t trust myself in public places without a crap load of public liability insurance.