“The Pearheads”

Wethele Manor Wedding

Wethele Manor is one of my favourite marquee wedding venues in the UK. I’ve been to Wethele Manor a few times now… hit the link if you’d like to see more Wethele Manor weddings

It’s surrounded by miles of countryside + the sun always seems to set perfectly over the fields. One of the things I get asked on the reg is “What makes an awesome wedding?” + Betty + Ed’s wedding defines my answer perfectly. It’s the people. Wethele Manor welcomes over 140 guests for this particular wedding. Every single person felt like they knew Betty + Ed their whole lives + every guest felt involved physically + emotionally with what was happening.

With wall to wall blue skies, they obviously had to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. They had some great readings, with friends playing music + a massive sing-a-long. I never realised how loud 140 people could sing?!?

The speeches were epic. Like…Proper amazing performances. Including an epic self-written rap from one of Betty’s 9 (!!!!) bridesmaids. Extra bonus points to Betty for also writing + delivering her speech. I enthusiastically salute any Bride that delivers her own speech…I can’t believe it’s 2018 + it’s still “unconventional” for the bride to speak but a Groom’s speech is totally “expected”.

I guess I should start by explaining the first photo. Betty’s maiden name is “Pearson” + Ed’s is “Whitehead” + I’ve been really enjoying their abbreviated name: “The Pearheads” so it would’ve been rude to not include a photo of them being a pair of…pears.


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Getting married at Wethele Manor?

If you’re looking for natural, relaxed + fun wedding photographs full of authentic expression then come + say hi! You can use the form below to ask any questions you might have or check availability. I’d love to hear from you!

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Becky + Jonny

Relaxed Curradine Barns Weddings.

For anyone who still doesn’t know… this guy really loves Curradine Barns. I love that you can just take a 5 minute walk around the venue + create such a varied collection of portraits using the local countryside + awesome characteristics of the Barn. The venue itself + the staff are all super relaxed + every guest always seems to be having the best time everytime I photograph a wedding at Curradine Barns.


“We have quite a few friends whom are photographers, family members were shocked when we chose not to use them. We of course adore their work, but cherish their friendship even more and wanted them to be a guest, have the day off and enjoy our wedding. I did however ask for recommendations, among a few names Chris Barber popped up. We are a bit socially awkward, stick us in front of a camera and well that just gets a bit worse. Chris manages to capture moments and personalities like no other I’ve seen. He made us feel so relaxed on the day, we’ve got some really beautiful photos to show for it – something I didn’t think we’d ever achieve considering how incredibly awkward we both normally are. I will also add that I’m pretty sure Chris has had some sort of ninja training, looking back at all the photos some of them we have no idea how he took them without us noticing!”

– Becky + Jonny


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